Thursday, May 12, 2011


I just finished a book/Bible study with a lovely group of ladies. The last chapter we read had a description of heaven that I absolutely different than the cliche streets of gold and crystal sea you always hear about (not that those things will not be waiting for me in heaven...I just know there will be so much more).  I hope you enjoy.

The air of heaven will blow away the fog that so often clouds our vision in this life.  In eternity we'll see the silliness of self-righteousness and quarreling over the nonessentials. We'll see just how precious the truths of the gospel really are....We'll see that the Cross really conquered death and hell and washed away our sins.  We'll see the everlasting reward of believing in Jesus and the eternal hell of rejecting him.  We'll look back on our lives and see that God never did forsake us....We will know in a deeper way than we can now imagine that God truly worked all things together for our good.  And we'll see that Jesus really did go to prepare a place for us, just as he said....We will meet men and women from every nation of the old earth who gave their lives in the cause of the gospel--martyrs who died rather than abandon the unchanging truths of the faith.  We'll meet people who lost homes and family and whose bodies were whipped and tortured and burned because they refused to renounce the name of Jesus.  And we will honor them, and all will see that what they lost and suffered was nothing in comparison to what they gained.......

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