Tuesday, March 8, 2011

good book

My dear friend Lisa bought this book for me and I am learning so much!
photo taken from amazon.com

Also, I am going to need opinions on nursery ideas.  Since I am going to be on "restricted activity" (or even worse, bedrest) at some point I am trying to go ahead and get as much done as possible.  I am going to IKEA this weekend to look at a crib I found online. What do you think?
I'm thinking green, yellow, chocolate brown for nursery colors??  I am also thinking a solid color for bedding??  Please give ideas....solid yellow, solid brown, solid white, or gingham green and white? It's hard to decorate for 3 babies!


  1. Can you wait just a tad longer?? What if you have three girls?? You might want to go really girly? Or what if you have 3 boys??

    I will help you when you get on limited activity . Carlton is a great painter..no kidding here. Him and Norman can knock out a room in a morning.

    But, I do love green, yellow and brown.

    OK...do you want a bed that converts to a toddler bed? They will get a few more years out of it. And some cribs will make a full size headboard. Just a thought. Think LONG TERM. YOu don't want to be buying new beds in a couple years.

    Well, thats all. : )

  2. Aimee, good point about thinking long term and holding off on colors. We have talked about both. If there are 3 girls I will probably still do green cribs with pink bedding...and 3 boys I will do more browns. We already have two twin beds that we will move them to when they outgrow cribs (we will have to find one more twin). We were thinking we would just install bedguards on the twin beds. Is this crazy talk? Are toddler beds absolutely necessary or can babes go from crib to twin bed and skip the toddler bed altogether? Oh gosh, I have alot to learn!

  3. Ok, I like the idea of green beds because you can girly it up or tone it down for boys. It would be versatile and go with anything. Sure, if u had 3 girls you could go with pink (gingham would be adorable) or 3 boys and do lots of browns. But if you have a mix of boys/girls the green would still work then you could gingham bumpers and solid skirts or vice versa. I think it would work and look great.
    Since you already have 2 twins, I don't think I would worry with cribs that convert. I would just get another twin.
    I did have cribs that converted with both mine. Went from crib to toddler to full bed. We never used the toddler bed for either child. Went straight from crib to full size. I just put up the safety guards on the sides of the bed so I did not worry about them falling out. SO I said all that to say, yes you can go straight from crib to twin. =)
    I will help paint or do whatever I can. I love to decorate. You can just rest and tell me what to do ;)