Sunday, April 3, 2011

seeds are in the ground

I hope that you guys have enjoyed the weekend as much as we have.  We were at my parents most of the seems like it had been forever since we had gone to spend the weekend with them. They live on a farm and I guess this is the season for calves to be born.  There were 2 of the most beautiful, white calves in the pasture.  I could have stood at the fence and watched them all day.  You could tell they were very young because there wasn't a dirty spot on them.  It's so funny how some experiences you never want to forget.  For some reason, I think I will always remember inching closer and closer to the fence to get a better look at those babes.  I guess I want to remember this experience because it was one of the moments that I was in awe of God's creation.

When we got back home we decided to continue to take advantage of the beautiful weather and we  Norman started on the flower garden!  He worked so hard while I sat in the lawn chair sipping my ice water.  Hey, I did dig a few holes and throw a few seeds in the ground!  He began by digging up weeds that had already started trying to take over.  Then, he planted my rose bush.  Together we planted the seeds.  I hope I have luck with seeds....I will have to be patient, but it will be so exciting to watch the tiny sprouts push their way  up through the dirt!  Here are some pictures...please excuse the quality...they are from Norm's cell to my you.

Norman working hard!

Our sweet dog, Jordan.
The DIVA DOG...Belle

Seeds we planted today :)

Last but not 13 week glamour shot!
 My next appointment is Wednesday...I hope I can update with genders!!

P.S. Did I mention that my mom made some amazing french toast this morning???


  1. Hey Mahala,

    You look fabulous!!!! I can't wait to see your garden! :)BTW Belle cracks me up! She truly is a diva!!! I hope that you and Norm are doing well!

  2. The time at your parents' house sound wonderful. I can just imagine the calves. (I would love to have a farm. ..Even though I don't really know anything about it..)

    I hope your flowers do great! It's so fun to plant things and watch them grow!!

    It will be fun finding out the genders of your babies I bet!

  3. I love Jordan! He just makes me smile and yes, Belle cracks me up too:) It's funny how she is the smallest one in the house and rules the roost:)

    Genders would be nice - because I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to buy something and had to pass because I didn't know what color!!

  4. Hey, Mahala! I tagged you over at my blog, if you want to play along. :)

  5. Loving the diva dog! =)

    I can not wait to see your flower garden...I know its going to look fabulous!

    Speaking of looking look fabulous!