Friday, July 2, 2010

Results from my appointment

My appointment this morning went well with a few little bumps along the way. First, let me start by saying that God provides the perfect people to be there when you need them. For some reason I had the "sense" that I did not need to go alone to the doctor. I asked a few friends very last minute and really didn't expect for anyone to be able to go considering it was the beginning of a holiday weekend (not to mention who wants to spend a Friday riding back and forth to Birmingham to the doctor??). Thankfully, my sweet friend Texann was able to go along with me. We arrived at the doctor's office right on time...we would've been early, but I thought I was smarter than my GPS....ooops. I had bloodwork drawn and then was called back for the ulatrasound. The tech began by looking at my uterus, and suddenly I swear the air left the room. I knew something was not right. I am sure that anyone who has ever had a medical scare by ultrasound can totally relate to this. As she scanned my uterus she pointed out a white-ish spot on my uterus. She asked if I had ever had an SIS. Since I had no idea what that was I told her no. She explained the procedure. Then she went on to ask if I have or have had endometriosis. I told her yes and about my laparoscopy procedure to remove it. She further explained that USUALLY endometriosis grows on the outside of your uterus but occassionally it can actually get into the muscle of your uterus. When this happens it is no longer called endometriosis. It is called "adenomyosis" (pronounce that).
So, immediately I start asking questions...Is it fixable? If so, how? Is this cancer? etc., etc., etc. To which she replies (and I quote), "Well, I am just the tech. I only know enough to be dangerous. You will have to talk to the nurse." YES...she really said this!! Are you kidding me? So, she finishes up the u/s. She looks at my ovaries. Which, by the way, looked beautiful. Twenty follicles on the right and 18 on the left. WOO-HOO!! I got dressed and waited in a conference room for the nurse....and freaked out a few hundred times. The nurse comes in and explains to me that because of the concern with my uterus the dr. will have to review the u/s before we make any decisions. As luck would have it, all the doctors are in surgery so I will have to wait for them to leave a message. In the meantime, she went ahead and called in all my prescriptions and told me to just continue as planned until I hear otherwise. So, I pay the bill and leave. On the way to the car I explained to Texann everything. We went to eat at Smokey Bones Alabama (yummy), did a little shopping at Whole Foods and then headed home. This is why I am confident that God had already planned for Texann to be with me today. She is so calming. If she had not been with me I would have sobbed all the way home in fear. Finally, at 4:00 I got the phone call that the dr. had looked at my u/s and wants us to go ahead as planned. I am taking this as good news. The nurse did say that I should talk to Dr. Honea about it next month if we aren't pregnant. So, that was my day. My meds are ordered and I will begin taking 5mg of letrozole tomorrow and begin injections on Sunday. My next appointment is July Saturday. Hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day with family and friends. Thank you for your prayers.

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