Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well, today's appointment brought mixed emotions...I am feeling really ho-hum about the whole ordeal. They are always so quick to stick me for my blood and then I had to wait FOREVER (it seemed) for my u/s. I was happy to know that a nurse was doing my u/s and not a tech who would say more than she was supposed to. She looked at my uterus first and said the lining was very thin. At this point in my cycle it should be a little thicker. She scanned my right ovary first and Norman almost choked when she said there were 13, he DID choke...out loud. But she went on to say that they were all very small and no good. Then she moved over to my left ovary...which has always been more productive than my right. On the left side there was one egg that measured "almost ready" and 2 more following close behind. After the dr. reviewed my u/s and bloodwork she recommended that I continue my Gonal-F injections tonight and tomorrow night. She also called in a prescription for Estradiol to thicken the lining of my uterus. My next appointment is Monday at 7:45. Grow, little eggs...GROW!

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  1. I will continue praying for you, Norman, and now for beautiful eggs:)