Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I stepped in wet grout this morning.....

...and then my sunkist was leaking. Yes, I had one of those embarrassing mishaps at Winn-Dixie this morning. Somehow I did not see the huge section of the floor that was being re-tiled and stepped right in it. Can I say...slip and slide. Right after I looked around to make sure no one saw me I realized I had wet, sticky grout all over my feet, flip-flops, and pants. Lovely. I proceeded to get my 8 pack of Sunkist that come in those "cute" little bottles. I got almost to the cash register when I realized that one of those "cute" little bottles was leaking all over me and I had a left a trail. What a way to start the day. Once I got to work I cleaned up as best I could, but my big toe stuck to my flip-flop all day. It's okay...you can laugh.

A little later my nurse called to tell me some information that kind of blindsided me. I'm still trying to process it and not get all worked up. For a while they have been measuring what appears to be a fibroid in my uterus. It appears that it has grown some. A normal ultrasound cannot detect the actual size. The nurse said if I'm not preggo this time, then Dr. Honea would like for me to have an SIS done so that they can get an accurate measurement of the fibroid. Once this procedure is done they will know what steps to take next. I know some options include medication (possibly birth control) or surgery. So, here's the reasons my heart is heavy and I am feeling doubtful and discouraged.

1. I'm probably not pregnant.
2. If I am pregnant, I could have a miscarriage.
3. I DON'T want to take birth control OR have surgery.

Norman was right...satan is trying his best to plant seeds of doubt in my heart. I should probably change my name to Peter or some feminine form of Peter.

10 Things You Should Know about Uterine Fibroids

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  1. My Dear Sweet Mahala,
    Please don't let Satan get his foot in the door - slam it-quick! It is so easy to get discouraged but hangeth thou in there, O precious one! God is in control of this situation. He is the weaver of this tapestry, in the end it is going to be beautiful. When you can't trace His hand, trust His heart. I love you and continually pray for you and Norman.