Monday, October 11, 2010

Tubes are Clear!

Today went well. My mom and I rolled out of our beds at 4:30 this morning, got dressed, and hit the road. I'm so thankful we were able to spend the whole weekend together. I can never get enough of my mama!

By 8:00 I was poked and prodded...literally. :)
Bloodwork looked good...on to the ultrasound. I have 2 eggs on my left ovary that are almost ready. My uterine lining is was thin last cycle as well. This is where implantation occurs so it's ideal to have a comfy lining for all that good stuff to happen. Hopefully, it will thicken between now and Wednesday when I go back. I will return on Wednesday to check the eggs to see if they have gotten big enough.

After all that good stuff we headed down to outpatient registration for the HSG procedure. I was nervous because the last time I had this procedure it was painful. The doctor that did the procedure had the best bedside manner of ANY doctor I have ever seen! He was so kind and gentle. He assured me it wouldn't hurt as bad as last time...and he was right! My tubes were clear and my uterus looked good. He said he would look over the x-ray along with my ultrasound and let me know if there was anything to be concerned about. No news is good news, I guess!

We were out of there by 9:15! We headed to Panera Bread for breakfast...I had a ham and swiss souflee and mama had a jalapeno, ham, and cheese sandwich. It was all yummy! We did some shopping at the Summit and Trussville. We topped off the day with lunch at Chili's.

Now, I'm at home and crashing on the couch where I plan to stay until Norman wakes me up and I stumble to bed. If anyone knows any foods or natural remedies to thicken the lining of my uterus please share! You know I already googled it!

Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.
— Psalm 62:8 (NIV)

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